Mini Jewellery Cleaning Cloth | Hagarty


 Product Details:

A travel-sized polishing cloth cleans, protects and cares for your jewellery. The Hagarty Mini Jewellery Cleaning Cloth makes jewellery shine thanks to its impregnated cotton. Cleaning is easy, results are visible immediately, and handling does not cause micro-scratches or marks. Can be used for silver, gold and platinum jewellery, other precious metals and hard gemstones.

Use: Gently but thoroughly buff the jewelry to obtain a perfect shine. As the cloths are chemically treated, they cannot be washed. Replace the cloth as soon as it is entirely black.

The cloth is made of high quality 100% cotton fibers and impregnated with a cleaning agent. Made in Germany. The size of the fabric is 9 x 12 cm and it is packed in a cardboard sleeve.


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